Commercial cannabis is breaking ground in our town. Authentic 707 is the first of three cannabis dispensaries approved by the Suisun City Council this year. Operated by Shryne Group, Authentic 707 will begin construction at its Railroad Avenue location later this month, with an estimated opening date of mid-May 2021. 

“The store name Authentic 707 reflects our belief that a business should instill the values of the community in which it operates and should contribute towards the benefit of the entire neighborhood,” Shryne Group CEO Brian Mitchell said in its application to the city. 

Mitchell is a long-time resident of Solano County. He, his family, and friends are situated in Fairfield and Suisun City. So when both cities were allowing applications for commercial cannabis, he grabbed the opportunity. With a population of nearly 150,000 between Fairfield and Suisun, and another 100,00 people residing in Vacaville, he feels the dispensary is a great contribution to the community. 

Shryne Group is estimating to hire 30-35 employees between retail, delivery, and distribution and its mission is to make sure that at least 85-90% of all retail store employees are local to the city in which it operates. Shryne Group has another dispensary application in with the city of Fairfield, and if approved, that will bring in 40-45 more jobs. Mitchell also told the Chamber that retail employees will be unionized with the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) International Union, have medical and dental benefits, and a corporate pension plan.

Shryne Group is also committed to sponsoring local causes like Drug Safe Solano, homeless organizations, and youth sports clubs. Shryne Group also supports America’s veterans. Co-founder James Kim is an honorably discharged combat veteran from the U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne Division. According to its community brochure, the Group collaborated with Weed for Warriors and The Blacklist in the release of a limited edition STIIIZY x W4W x Blacklist branded battery with 100% of the proceeds going to Weed For Warriors. In 2020, Shryne Group helped to support the United Playaz annual gun buy-back event, with a total of 228 firearms collected. “By taking these guns off the streets and out of homes, this event acted as a major effort to help thwart more episodic gun violence.”

As far as income to the city, Mitchell says the tax revenue could be in excess of $1 Million per year for Authentic 707. Greg Folsom, City Manager for Suisun informed the Chamber it goes to the city’s general fund. “Unlike larger cities like Fairfield or Vacaville that have a significant tax base that fund government services, our tax revenues are very limited, so this type of funding is sorely needed to provide basic governmental services like providing public safety, maintaining roads, and maintaining public spaces. I invite any interested business to consider an additional location in Suisun City.” 

Fairfield’s Senior Planner Amy Kreimeier said they estimate potential revenue between $265,000 to $385,000 annually. This estimate assumes an average of $3 million in gross receipts for their two allotted retailers, $1 million for a manufacturer, and is exclusive of any tax revenue generated from testing labs, delivery services, or hemp businesses. Fairfield has received 14 applications for the two retail spaces available. City Council will begin reviewing applications starting March 2021.

For the city of Vacaville, the council has a ban on medical and commercial cannabis businesses within the city. In 2019, Vacaville Mayor Ron Rowlett said he was not against the use of cannabis, but Vacaville needed time to examine other cities’ experiences before the council can make decisions. 

What benefits are you hoping will come with the region’s emerging cannabis industry? Let us know in the comments below.

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