When mentioning the Clubhouse app to a room of business professionals, you get both excited and curious reactions. It’s equally “Can you send me an invite?” and “What’s Clubhouse?”

Clubhouse is the emerging social media app used by entrepreneurs, C-level executives, techies in Silicon Valley, and trendsetters. It is comprised of drop-in audio chat rooms. Think Zoom entwined with podcasting. You have your moderators speaking on a topic with hundreds to thousands of people listening in, giving the listeners ability to ‘raise a hand’ and ask a question. The app was launched in spring 2020 by tech entrepreneurs Paul Davison and Rohan Seth. In December 2020, it had about 600,0000 members. Now, it has upwards of 6 million registered users. Because it’s still in beta, it can only be accessed through Apple’s App Store (sorry Android users!) and from an invitation from a current Clubhouse user. Some would say it is popular because of FOMO. Others argue that its live-streaming platform is the future.

Creators are easily able to conversate and share their knowledge with the thousands of people listening while keeping setup costs low since it is solely audio and because it’s live, there’s no post-editing. 

One of the top business-related chat rooms is called All Things Social Media. A handful of top creatives and business influencers come together and chat about trends they are seeing and advise business professionals. This week’s topic was Instagram. Here’s what they had to say about utilizing Instagram for business. 

Find your Why, and don’t be afraid to let it change. David Rock, Executive Creative Director for Gary Vaynerchuk says too many people don’t have a why. Why are you posting, and what’s its purpose?

Have intent with your overall feed. There should be a strategy when it comes to your collective feed. “Instagram is a window to your business,” says Farokh Sarmad, a social media expert and founder of @goodlife. Potential clients are using your feed to window shop for your services. He says to use Instagram as your portfolio, post all of your accomplishments. If you are a real estate agent, show off the homes sold and bought. If you are a hairdresser, show off your final look. Woodworker? Post the piece you just created and is ready to sell. Paolo Moreno, CEO of Influencer Studios, says your posts should be as if you are publishing this as an ad. The image should be visually appealing and the caption should explain your work.

If you want to show the personality of your business and humanize it, do it through Instagram stories and highlights. Go ahead and show what’s happening behind the scenes, but do not let it clog up the aesthetic of the account. Instead, post it as a story and save it as a highlight. 

These tips will help you create a professional Instagram profile, and generate new customers. 

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